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The wee things

So if you seen my last post on 'the wee things' see here, in my 1st post it does explain it a bit better. Basically it where I post some of my favourites things every 3 months, it can be anything from music to tv to food. Anything goes here.

And last time I explained that I do make my playlist every quarter, this is my third year of doing this. It's just all songs that I've been obsessed with, so here is my playlist part 4.2.

These past few months have been mad with the Christmas rush, spending time with family and friends. Even though it's a few weeks later than I planned to put this post up, but one of my goals was to get back into blogging. But better late than never, so let's get stuck in.

Hello 2020

2020 a new year, a new decade. 2020 sounds strange and I don't know why. The new year everyone tends to make resolutions, goals and gets everything in order. I love this feeling it's something that I want to keep feeling throughout the year. 

What do I want to achieve this year? I want to keep everything organised in my life, finances blog and more. Also, don't waste time. I found myself doing nothing after work, days off. I want to focus myself on making time for all the things I love. Reading, blogging and most of all make sure I make time for myself, my family and friends.