Anxtey and me.

Hi guys, I think it's time to be honest with you and just not talk about the topic. Yes I deal with anxiety, it sucks. 

I guess I have always dealt with it on some degree growing up, but I feel that mental health was still misunderstood so I didn't really understand what I was going through. But I just kept holding back and hiding it, which is never good for anyone. But over this last year and a bit I've come open about dealing with anxiety which was hard for me to actually do, since I never talked about before hand.

So what was the point in telling you all about my problems, I want to share with you what helps me when I am having a really bad anxiety day. So basically what I do to keep myself calm.

Deep breaths

If you're like me and work this comes in handy. Say it's a busy day in work and I feel my anxiety coming on, I like to take deep breathes which eventually calms me down, it took me a while to actually get used to this technique but it's really effective.


Since March 2015 I have stuck to a journal which has helped process everything. Do you ever get those times where your train of thought seems to be going a millions mile a minute? Just getting every thought on a piece of paper helps my brain relax. If that makes sense. There's just you and your diary.Very therapeutic. Which leads me on to my next point.

Alone time 

For me this is a big help, I need days to do absoulty nothing. Just chill and do whatever, watch a few films, shows and not feel guilty about it.  It just makes me much more relaxed and in control of myself.

Fresh air

Sometimes what I like to do, at night when I am putting my dogs out to the toilet I will stay out with them. I won't even bring my phone, just 5 or 10 mins away from everything and zone out. But just take 5 minutes to yourself to regain your train of thought.

Talking to people you trust

This is one of the bigger points in this post, tell people what you are going through. It'll make them understand what you are going through a bit better. Just getting it out there in the world will make you feel a lot better also. Even look up some sites together so you and the people around you know exactly where you are coming from.


In all cases not all self help works and need help through medication. If you had a sore knee you would take medication for that. Just because your mental health isn't seen doesn't make it not real, I'm on medication myself for my anxiety, but go to the doctors and see what you can do or if you feel comfortable enough for medication.

Everyone is different, one thing that may work for one may not work for another. Just trail and error. But I hope you have taken something away from this post and feel free to ask me anything.

Love Lauren xx

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