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Hi Guys, I've been thinking of a fun little series that I want to start on my blog. Laur recommends, if you follow me on my Bookstagram account you might be familiar  with story time with Laur. So this on the back side of that. 

Basically I am going to share with you lot what I would recommend based on the topic I have chosen. Like today I am sharing what TV shows I love to watch and would advise you to watch also.

Game of Thrones

The show that everyone is talking about, trust me it is worth the hype. It is very graphic and violent, so if you're not into that stay away because it is a big aspect of the show. But as the title would suggest it is a game to win the throne, everyone is fighting for something. I have yet to read 'A Song of Ice and Fire' which the show is based on by George R.R Martian but I hope to read soon, with the 6th book coming out in the near future. Whenever that is lol. If you haven't given into the hype just do yourself a favor and go and start it.

The Waking Dead

The same as Thrones, the show that doesn't disappoint. My first thought was just another zombie show, oh but trust me it is so much more than that. Some times the zombies aren't even the problem. But what is this show about may you ask? Basically you survive or you die, which then leads to becoming a walker. There's a main group of people in which the show focuses on throughout each season and see how each grows and changes as the walkers become more of a problem.


After Monday's #thegirlgang chat how could I not talk about my love for friends. If you haven't heard of friends where have you been? Get yourself a box set and sit, binge and laugh. No matter how much I re watch an episode it will forever be funny.

Peaky Blinders

If you read my current favourites you would have seen me rave about this show, I literally caught up in just over a week. It's amazing one of the best about currently. Basically the Shelby brothers & their gang the Peaky Blinders will do anything for each other & their loved ones. Tommy Shelby wants his  bookmakers legal so he will go to any length to do this. The story line is so interesting & something I've never watched before. So if you are looking for it the first 2 seasons are on Netflix.


Arrow I am obsessed with, I literally watched the last 9 or 10 episodes of season 3 in one sitting. So worth it. Oliver Queen, the Arrow, was left on an island for 5 years but was rescued. Each season follows what has happened to Oli on the island in flashback form & shows how he becomes the Arrow. Probably one of the best superhero TV shows

The Flash

The Flash I'm in love with, partial accelerator explosion, Barry Allen struck by lighting, in a coma for 9 months. Wakes up with super speed. Sounds simple but there's so much more to it. He isn't the only one affected by the explosion. Again one of the best superhero shows around.


Modern day Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman, what more do you want. I literally watched all of the seasons in a week. It can be done. If you haven't watched Sherlock or even heard of it where have you been? It's witty, mysterious and follows brilliant story lines in each episode. You know what I like, even though each episode has a different story line but they all link with one another. It's brilliant, all 3 seasons are over on Netflix so what are you doing? Go start watching.

Gossip girl

I watch GG about 2 years ago, I didn't think I would've enjoyed as much as I did. But omg, so worth it. New York's elite, surrounded by new drama every episode, mysterious blogger writing all their dirty little secrets,trust me it's amazing. If you want something to keep you on your toes, this will do the trick

Pretty little liars

How could I not write about PLL considering the new season is starting back this week. I'd be surprised if you haven't even heard of PLL. In a nutshell 5 friends, one goes missing for over a year. But the rest of the girls start getting these strange text from 'A' and all hell breaks loose. With the new season starting I'd highly recommend you start it sooner rather than later.

So hope you enjoyed my first installment of Laur recommends & you have found some good shows to start. If you have any shows that I might not have mention or I should start watching comment below.

Happy binge watching.

Love Lauren xx

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