Meet my pets!!

Hi guys how are you doing? So today I am going to share something very important in my life with you my dogs!! Yes you heard right my dogs. 

Since I was 6 years old we've always had a family dog our Snoop was our first little puppy, a girl dog called Snoop I didn't pick the name but it somehow suited her.

She was such a brilliant dog. We even have one of her pups which would have had about 11 or 12 years ago. But as of August we had to put our wee Snoop to rest after 13 years. Not a day goes past I don't think of  her.

But we still have our Fizz she's still kicking, doesn't she look as if she is smiling in this picture? We've had her from day 1, she's so chill these days compared to when she was puppy she was so hyper.

I wouldn't have her any other way she's my wee princess.

About a month or two after our Snoop passed away something happened, we got our Missy, now she is probably one of the most human like dogs I know. Sounds silly I know but she can give looks and she just knows to much for her own good.

But I love her to bits.

Even though Lady is technailly my sisters dog but how could I not include her, she is just to cute!! Her name suits her so much, for she is such a wee Lady. She loves to get treated like a princess, getting petted and just getting lifted and laid.

But for someone so small she can fairly stand up herself, she's just fluffy and cute!!

Now if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen this little guy. My Marley. My Mummy got me him as my 21st birthday present. Can you believe it? For only living with us for week he has settled in well, he's still in puppy training. So if any of you have any tips leave them down below.

He's to cute for his own good but as long as he has someone to play with and some toys he is flying. I love him to bits.

Thanks for reading something different, I wanted to share my love for  my doggies so what other way is there. Well apart from giving them all the attention and love they want.

Links are below and I will see you Wednesday.

Love Lauren 

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