Game of Thrones final: my thoughts. SPOILERS AHEAD!

So it's almost a week since the Game of Thrones final happened I am not over it, so I thought it would be a good idea to share my thoughts on the epsisode.

I think this is a clear given careful for spoilers, if you haven't watched Game of Thrones just go and watch it. You'll not regret it one bit!!!

So on with it shall we!!!!


          Ohh this is it the last intro for a whole year *sad face*But look at Winterfell, the Starks have come home, their logo is on the map in the intro

Wait why is Cersai in warrior gear, knuckle duster and everything.

Poor Loras, but mate wtf are you at. You're underestimating your sister.

Aye I'll fair judgement you high sparrow.

Out of the whole show those tatts on their forehead weird me

The mountain? Is he going to kill him

Margaery put her faith in the wrong person

Grand master, Lancel, don't like you guys but don't follow the birds

Kid killers

Wait, those barrels?

The green?

No way.  Cersai what are you doing?

This isn't happening

This is why your brother your twin killed the mad King

Let Margaery out please. Let Loras out

Wildfire hot damn

Tommen do something for once

Shame nun, Cerasi you bitch. Shame nun you bitch

Does she love Jamie?

The mountain, what are you going to do?

Tommen. I didn't mean do that you'll.

Good point Jamie

No girls or kids what year are you in?

Damn that library

Is right Jon

Bye red lady

Winter is here, finally

Lady Tyrell you bad as bitch

Varys wtf are you doing

Daenerys what a break up

Dany and Tyrion my fav pair

Awk he's tearing up I can't

Yes Aria kill him. Best killing so fair

Little finger you creep

This is really happening, the vision we get to see the rest of the tower of joy

I can't cope, R + L= j   To much it's true.

They did it!!!!!

Go on bran you walk up those stairs

That fade though, baby to Jon this is to much

Lyanna Mormont you bad ass bitch

The King of the north the white wolf

Jamie's going to ape shit

The queen aye not for very long

Cerasi Lannister?

Long my she reign love

That landscape though

I can't wait for Dany to arrive at kings landing to take over its going to be unreal

Until next year I'm so sad 

And there we have, Game of Thrones over for another year, what did you think of game of thrones season 6?

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