June 2016

So it's the start of July can I still get away with talking about June? But sure I am going to talk about it either way.

So since June 1st was my 21st birthday, I thought it would be nice to show you some of the things I got up to the month. I might make this monthly I'm not 100% yet but let me know in the comments.

Turned 21!!

I'm still obsessed with my cake!!

Went to see Me Before You, cried like a baby, obviously.

Went for a night out for my birthday, bought this at the bar. If you're ever in Belfast go to The Dirty Onion, nice place.

Went to a Queen tribute night, brilliant night.

In love with this combo, fish night socks with my superstars!!

And last but not least, I voted. I hope you did to.

So I hope you enjoyed a slightly more picture blog from me and I'll see you Sunday.

Love Lauren xoxo

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