What's in my bag? Dublin edition.

So last night I seen Beyonce live in Croke Park, Dublin. Only going down for the day has proven difficult on what to bring with me!!

As I am writing this on Thursday night, I am more than positive that I haven't shut up about the concert over on Twitter and Insta. So go check that out, which are always linked down below.

Contents of bag!!

Tickets are else me and my sisters are going no where.

Make up bag, which has my basics, Concealer, powder and half of my lipstick collection.

My purse, I'm only bringing my wee card holder with me. My purse for one is massive and there's obviously more loyalty cards in it than money so.


Earphones are in my little earphone pouch that I have.

Last but not least my phone charger and fingers crossed that my phone doesn't run out of battery.

Let's hope I'm not forgetting anything, thtat's going to be fun. Mon see the crap I come back with in my bag, I should really do a before and after. If you want to see more from the concert give my Twitter and Instagram a follow!!

I will see you Wednesday!!

This is Lauren post Beyonce i.e 2.50am not long, amazing night, but recommendation for you going for a long day/night out bring a portable charger. Just thought I'd share that.

Love Lauren 

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