Donating books!!

Monday night, I'm thinking to myself. Am I ever going to read all of the books I currently own?
Why do I keep them if I don't really fancy reading them anymore?

Well here's what I plan on doing with them? I had a look through all of the books I own and said, do I want to read this? The more I got into it the more books I started to get into it. Once I started putting them in a 'get rid' pile I couldn't stop. Weirdly.


Apart from Twiiter I haven't talked about the girl gang on my blog. And after the #ggevent on Thursday I thought perfect timing!!

If you don't know what the girl gang is all about Jemma over on dorkface created it as a community for everyone to discuss everything and anything. That just about sums it up!! 

Even back when I had my old blogs I heard of the girl gang but I wasn't really into blogging as I am now. But now since I've been going for a few months now I needed help with wee things.


2016 you are flying, it's actually freaking me out a bit. Can't believe it's almost September, everyone will back to school or uni. Fun. I always used to love this time of year, buying stationary and just getting back into a new term.

So let's round up Summer!!

My iBooks!!

Since J.K. Rowling announced she is releasing 3 Harry Potter short stories over on Pottermore, I thought it would perfect timing to share my own collection of iBooks which I've purchased on iTunes.

Not all of these I have read so keep the comments spoiler free please, but tell me what books I should buy. But if there's one thing I didn't think I would enjoy is reading books on my phone, ebook form. I find it handy because if there's a book that I want to buy I can access it stright from my phone, I don't always have the time to go into town to head to the book shop. So it works out for me that way.

Current listens

As you can see above I make monthly playlist, which you can see here. Over on spotify, just all songs that I'm in love with.

But I thought, I do listen to a few other things and not just music so I thought I'd share those with you today.

I hope you enjoy my little twist on my current listens

Why I deleted my Bookstagram!!

From the end of January I started up a bookstagram account until last week I decided to delete mine! I thought I might as well talk about my time and why I deleted my account.

Now before we get into anything I am not dissing the bookstagram community, I meet some fab people over there. For the few months I had my account I loved it, but it's just recently I lost interest in uploading to my account. But I think that's the beauty of social media, you don't have stick to one of them.

Shows I haven't watched!!

If your like you have watched a lot a tv shows, clearly I've nothing better to do lol. There's a lot to choose from trust me as much as you want to watch them all at once sometimes life doesn't let have the time for everything.

I'm forever adding shows to my list on Netflix, looking at recommendations to watch. If you should know anything about me I spend most of my spare time watching new shows, not even going to deny it. Since it's summer time, majority of the shows are on a break, here is some I watch, so I need a new show to binge on.

Laur recommends: make up products!!

If there's one thing I could talk about all day is make up, so I am going to share with you some of my favourites right now!!

I do have a bit to talk about so lets get cracking!!