Donating books!!

Monday night, I'm thinking to myself. Am I ever going to read all of the books I currently own?
Why do I keep them if I don't really fancy reading them anymore?

Well here's what I plan on doing with them? I had a look through all of the books I own and said, do I want to read this? The more I got into it the more books I started to get into it. Once I started putting them in a 'get rid' pile I couldn't stop. Weirdly.

Now that I've decided to get to 'get rid' of some of my books I am going to give them to charity shops in and around where I live, someone will want to read them and the money will go a good cause so it's a win win.

Just because I didn't fancy the read anymore doesn't mean it'll start someone's reading journey or continue it. I sound so cheessy I need to stop.

I'm not the most well of girl I don't come from money, but I want to do my bit that will benefit people who are suffering. And if giving away some of my books can do that, with the money they are sold for, then that sounds good to me!!!

Right that's enough rambling from me for one day!!

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