Laur recommends: make up products!!

If there's one thing I could talk about all day is make up, so I am going to share with you some of my favourites right now!!

I do have a bit to talk about so lets get cracking!!

This Zoellla beauty bag is the best thing I've purchased, it holds a lot. So for a girl like me who likes to keep my everyday make up separate from the rest of my stash, this is perfect.

Starting with base, has to be the Nivea post shave balm. Forever thankful for Nikki tutorials for discovering this beauty. Keeps your makeup on all day, plain and simple as that.

Foundation ways I have been obsessed with the L'oreal 24 matte, I'm in 11 vanilla. Coming from a girl who suffers with combination skin, I wasn't to sure if I was going to like this because of the whole matte effect. But along with the Nivea post shave balm, they work a dream together. If you do suffer with dry skin try exfoliating the skin before you try this, so there's no dry patches for the foundation to cling to.

I've struggled to find a good concealer for ages, nothing stayed put on my face. Melt. But damn is this 17 stay time concealer good, best about it is there is a extra fair shade!!! Covers up everything, stays put, it's just an all rounder.

For eyebrows, Tanya Burr's palette is great. There's a set of tweezers, little angled brush, 3 matte shades ranging from light to dark and a highlight shade. Everything you need really, what I love doing is mixing shades for my brows which is so handy for me!!

To set my brows, the L'oreal brow artist plumper is the best thing to exist. By the end of the day I still have eyebrows, it's great!!

I've loved eyeliner since I started wearing make up, if you haven't tried the the gel liner from maybelline, where have you been? It does take a while to get used to a gel liner, but it's so worth it. But the brush that comes with, get rid. Get yourself a real techniques silicone liner brush. You will never look back

For bronzer I love the honey bronzer from the body shop, it's great for pale skin. It just completes my make up, I even wear it on day that I'm having a 'no makeup makeup' day. I even use it as eye shadow, which you can read all about here!

Last but not least, the Mary Lou highlight from the balm. This is one of my favourite things I own in general if I'm being honest, I just want to put it all over my face. If your not into your intense highlight, this won't be for you. But swatch it see for yourself!!

So, that's it for another Laur recommends, I will see you Sunday.

Love Lauren xx

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