Shows I haven't watched!!

If your like you have watched a lot a tv shows, clearly I've nothing better to do lol. There's a lot to choose from trust me as much as you want to watch them all at once sometimes life doesn't let have the time for everything.

I'm forever adding shows to my list on Netflix, looking at recommendations to watch. If you should know anything about me I spend most of my spare time watching new shows, not even going to deny it. Since it's summer time, majority of the shows are on a break, here is some I watch, so I need a new show to binge on.

Here is some that I have heard about that I would like, what should I watch? Apart from Outlander, all of these shows are on Netflix. 

1. Outlander

2. Sons of Anarchy 

3. Daredevil 

4 Dexter

5 Homeland

6 Power

7 Stranger things

Have you watched any of these shows yet? Leave any other recommdations you have below and I'll try and get cracking on them.

Lads I'll see you Wednesday!!

Love Lauren xx


  1. I haven't watched it, but all people I know say Homeland is great! :)

    xo Honey - Royal Lifestyle

  2. I really want to start watching Homeland, seems like something I would enjoy xx