Apart from Twiiter I haven't talked about the girl gang on my blog. And after the #ggevent on Thursday I thought perfect timing!!

If you don't know what the girl gang is all about Jemma over on dorkface created it as a community for everyone to discuss everything and anything. That just about sums it up!! 

Even back when I had my old blogs I heard of the girl gang but I wasn't really into blogging as I am now. But now since I've been going for a few months now I needed help with wee things.

I think that is the best thing about the girl gang, no matter what is the problem is blogging or personal life. People are always there to help you out. I've learnt so much about blogging just in these past few months because of the girl gang. 

My goal is just to meet as much people as I can, from different cultures and backgrounds from mine, the girl gang has helped me to do that.

The girl gang has put my faith back into the internet and that it's not just full of cat videos and trolls. Basically the internet in a nutshell, but I dedicate this post to Jemma. Even though I wasn't even in the same country as the #ggevent I'm raging I didn't get going. I will meet you guys sometime in the near future, fingers crossed. But she just puts so much into her blog, her etsy shop and the girl gang. As well as everything else she does, girl boss!!

Of course if it wasn't for Jemma, I wouldn't have as fab of a header now would I lol

Love Lauren xx

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