Why I deleted my Bookstagram!!

From the end of January I started up a bookstagram account until last week I decided to delete mine! I thought I might as well talk about my time and why I deleted my account.

Now before we get into anything I am not dissing the bookstagram community, I meet some fab people over there. For the few months I had my account I loved it, but it's just recently I lost interest in uploading to my account. But I think that's the beauty of social media, you don't have stick to one of them.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with shout outs but I felt that was all I was seeing on my feed, I was bored of seeing the same sfs everyday. They can be beneficial don't get me wrong, but I was fed up with all. Like I don't know about you I'd rather someone follow me & who enjoyed what I was posting and writing. And not following me because so and so said or for a shout out or whatever. Clear something up, this wasn't every account I followed.

If you followed my account @fictionlylaur, I posted a bit of everything. Just like I do with blog. But I felt I didn't fully fit in with the bookstagram community. I could talk to anyone about books don't get me wrong, but I didn't just want to talk about books. I think that's what has lead me to relive my blog again.

I just wanted a bigger place to share me on. I love Instagram, but I don't think bookstagram was for me. Just do you!! That's what I want you to take from this, be yourself.

But if you followed me on my bookstagram account thank you, just thought I'd put out a little explanation lol.

I hope you understand where I am coming from!!

Love Lauren xx

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