Beauty haul

I thought since it was towards the end of the month, pay day is near. So I thought I'd share with you lot a few things that I picked up last week.

I'll link everything below if you want to pick anything up!!

I am the reader tag!!

I seen this tag floating around you tube, I really wanted to take part. So lets chat books!!

If there is one thing you need to know about me I love to read and I have a bad obsession with buying books. But if you read my post a few weeks back I donated a lot of my books, which you can read all about here.

Chill time.

Everyone needs some time to themselves,  for dealing with anxiety I find dedicating one day a week where I can just do nothing is what I need.

Working all week I need at least one day to do nothing. Well do nothing by that do stuff and not feel guilty like watch you tube or  thinking of new ideas for my blog.

Dear greif

Your a pain in my ass, even after all of this you still hit me like a slap on face. Loosing someone will forever hurt. Loosing a family member, a pet or a past partner we all need to grief.

Ctrl alt delete. How I grew up online by Emma Gannon

Now if you read my post on what I'm currently listening to, you would have seen that I am obessed with Emma's podcast Ctrl alt delete.  On July 7 this year she brought out her book, I 'm going to talk about my thoughts here today.

I actully bought my copy on my phone, so I had to sneaky photo in the middle of Easons so here we have it my review of Ctrl alt delete how I grew up online by Emma Gannon

Pretty Little Liars summer final: reaction. *SPOILERS AHEAD*

So if there's one thing you need to know about I am obsessed with PLL, if you follow me on twitter you will see my rambles I go on. Especially PLL that can be a big topic.

Back in June I posted my thoughts on the Game of Thrones final, which you can read here. I thought why not post one about PLL, I do love that show so why not.

So if you are NOT caught up on season 7 do go any further of this post, SPOILERS AHEAD!!

Inglot palette

Back in April 2016 I attend the Let's talk beauty, business and blogging hosted by Jutox here in Belfast. This was a few months before I started up my blog again. There where some fab people there, Joanne aka The Makeup Fairy, James Patrice, bloggers, MUA and fashion shows.

But Jane, from Inglot she was also there. She announced that there was going to be a shop opening in Belfast. So head to Castlecourt if you are ever in Belfast and want to go shopping.

There's so much to choose from, but being me and obviously I don't have eye shadows as it is I created my own 4 pan palette . Also I picked up a pure pigment eye shadow.

Print wall

I wanted to share with you my print wall that I've been building upon these past few months. I recently got my room repainted but I wanted a little something different, so print wall it was on the main wall of my bedroom

I've a few etsy stores that I purchased the majority of my prints from so I thought I'd share those with you today.