Chill time.

Everyone needs some time to themselves,  for dealing with anxiety I find dedicating one day a week where I can just do nothing is what I need.

Working all week I need at least one day to do nothing. Well do nothing by that do stuff and not feel guilty like watch you tube or  thinking of new ideas for my blog.

I do love a good hair and face mask, I'm loving the new L'oreal range of face mask, there is a few out so depending on your skin needs. Or do what I do multi mask, put a few on at a time. I love trying out new things on my hair. Roots from Lush is directed to people with fine hair, but I suffer with dandruff. So I'm seeing will it help with that.

There's nothing better than bringing on a series, so stick on Netflix and just switch of. I'm currently catching up on Gotham.

You tube is prefect for chilling out, especially if you just  want to relax for bit. Videos aren't as long as say a film but long enough to take your mind of everything.

Get a bit of air, since I do have 4 dogs I do like to play them and spend as much time with them. Also if I have a day of work, I do love to just leave my phone in the house and take them out for walkies.

Let me know down below how you chill out below!! Or tweet me, linked below.

Love Lauren

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