Dear greif

Your a pain in my ass, even after all of this you still hit me like a slap on face. Loosing someone will forever hurt. Loosing a family member, a pet or a past partner we all need to grief.

Grief is something we all have to go through at one point or another, it sucks. But we have to help each other and avoiding the situation I promise you will not make anything any better.

Loosing big parts in my family, my Daddy, my Granda, my Granny, 2 doggies. It;s hard.

How did I get through it? There is no time frame to grief, so surround yourself with good people. If there is one thing that I learnt through the whole grieving process is who my real friends are. And I am glad for who is still in my life.

Grief effects everyone differently, talk how you feel with people you trust. Remember the good times, laugh it will help heal you. Even if you don't feel like it.

Take everything one day at a time, trust me time doesn't heal it, but it will make you learn how to live without that person.

Love Lauren 

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