Inglot palette

Back in April 2016 I attend the Let's talk beauty, business and blogging hosted by Jutox here in Belfast. This was a few months before I started up my blog again. There where some fab people there, Joanne aka The Makeup Fairy, James Patrice, bloggers, MUA and fashion shows.

But Jane, from Inglot she was also there. She announced that there was going to be a shop opening in Belfast. So head to Castlecourt if you are ever in Belfast and want to go shopping.

There's so much to choose from, but being me and obviously I don't have eye shadows as it is I created my own 4 pan palette . Also I picked up a pure pigment eye shadow.

So 351 is a matte white shade, I've yet to actually find a matte white shade so I had to have this. I like to set my eye primer and act as base for eye looks and to use in the inner corners.

368 is matte orange shade, its great as a transition shade, my first 2 shadows I bought where this and 351 so I've been loving wearing these together. I've also been wearing this alone all over the eye.

160 is shine eye shadow, its fantastic. Even though I only purchased this yesterday I know I am going to love it. It reminds of the pink/purple highlighters but more brighter if that makes sense. I can't wait to try this out more.

450 has just got Autumn/Winter written all over it. It looks very dark in the pan. But it comes up a little lighter on the eye. I'm going to be wearing this loads I know I am.


Here we have is the eye shadow pigment. I love this, its great to just go very lightly over any eye look but then again you can also really pack it on. Worth the money.


The 4 pan palette I think was £7 correct me if I'm wrong.

Single eye shadows are £5

Pigment was £12.

The freedom system in which you can create your own shadow palette is fab. Instead of buying a palette for 1 shade you can buy a pan for shadows I think for 2+. So you can just pick shadows you will use.

The freedom system isn't just for eye shadows, it is used for all of their powder products basically. I need to try more from Inglot and I suggest you do also.

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