Pretty Little Liars summer final: reaction. *SPOILERS AHEAD*

So if there's one thing you need to know about I am obsessed with PLL, if you follow me on twitter you will see my rambles I go on. Especially PLL that can be a big topic.

Back in June I posted my thoughts on the Game of Thrones final, which you can read here. I thought why not post one about PLL, I do love that show so why not.

So if you are NOT caught up on season 7 do go any further of this post, SPOILERS AHEAD!!

Right we good?

Let's go.

Damn Hanna girl has a big ass knife

Is he he not knocked out? Can he even hear her?

Forever testing patience

Don't trust Jenna

Ezra you can at least be grateful 

I love Mona she's my fav

I can't be the only one who doesn't like Paige 

Ohh Ali 

Ohh Caleb you beauty

What did you just say

Haleb is alive and well

I will go down with this ship

Damn boy


Ali say again? You're pregnant? How much test did you take? Are you saying this to get Emily's attention?

I do feel bad for her though

Awk aria cute

I do like the cop but Spoby

Go on Haleb

This is hot for pll

Go on Emison

Aria can't catch a break can she

Spencer what are you at? Asking for a kiss like, I'd be raging

Paige piss off

So Mary & Noel aren't related 

Sneaking out? Girls specialty. 

Ok Noel where you go?

Obviously a text

Don't trust Jenna

Toby lad, why did you delete the rest of that text? I want to know what you wanted to say

Mary, why are you there?

Please tell me someone made a copy of that drive? Please tell me someone had the sense to?

Obviously somethings going to happen. PLL is never that easy

Who leaves their phone 

Exactly Ali, serious 

Know to much Noel? You little tease, tell us more

Damn Jenna chill. 

Don't make any sudden movements 

Noel, you know what they say heads will roll. 

Shit Jenna let loose

She shot Spencer

Why is Mary still there 

Who just took Jenna away?

Say again Mary? Your Spencer's mother? I mean how?

The Hastings have a lot to answer for 

Shit Toby

Who keeps taking these masks of?

I've to wait a year for this again? Fuck this

I'm out

So let me know what you think of PLL so far? Tell all of theories. Can you believe that next year will be the last? 

Let me know in the comments, or over on my social media 

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