Catch up

Not even joking I'm sitting watching a sticker haul, I love these videos. Especially plan with me videos. I'm waiting on my photos uploading so, girl had to find something to do, saving some Etsy shops in my favourites as I go!!

Anyway I thought I'd do something a little different when I do these Catch up, instead of just talking about what I've been doing. Let's be honest that's just going to boring. I'm going to talk about YouTube vids I've been watching, music, blogs etc.

Just a bit of everything really!!


Naomi Kenya this is the sticker haul I was watching up above, I love Naomi's videos she does a bit of everything. From planning, lifestyle and beauty. I could sit and watch her all day.

Sanne aka Books and quills, Sanne was actually I think of the first, if not the first, book tuber I watched. I found her through Estée Lalonde channel 2 years agol, obviously because she is just one of my favourite people. But I love her book recommendations, her personality. I just want to talk to her all about books tbh.

Kathleen Lights I love her chatty videos, she always puts herself into her videos. That's what I love about her. And damn have you seen her collaboration with Morpe for her eye  shadow pallete, I need it. Simple as that.


Kings of Leon Walls, I'm just leaving it at there. Just go and listen.


Katy Belle is a fellow Belfast blogger, she's doing so well for herself. Like she just won Best newcomer in the Bloggers blog awards. I'm obsessed with her blog and that Insta theme of hers is unreal

Catitude & co Tara just writes from the heart, she writes about sex, feminism, periods and everything else in between. Just go and check out her blog. She's fab!!


Justin Timberlake and the Tennessee Kids, I'm watching this now as I write this. I want to see Justin live badly, one on the bucket list. Just puts on a show.

The Amanda Knox documentary was crazy. I don't know what to think of it all, I'm still processing it. But watch it and let me know what you think, even on twitter or anything.

Audrie & Daisy this made me sad, everyone should watch this. A real eye opener on how sexual abuse effects people, just watch it please!!

Life and blogging

I'm still working away but I'm getting better at planning out stuff for the blog. I think. I have a little surprise for December, I'm doing blogmas. The cat is out of the bag, I have sent out maybe one or two tweets about it. But I'm currently planning it out now, so 25 posts in December.

That scares me a bit!!


  1. Ohh! A sticker haul! Why have I never thought to watch a sticker haul! I love stationary and have a shoe box full of stickers! :P Off to check that out now!

    1. They one of my favourite things I've discovered this past wee while, I love a good plan with me video too xx