Colour pop first impression

As soon as I seen the $4.99 international shipping I was all over that Colour pop website, please believe I didn't even but a highlighter, raging. But this will defiantly not be my last colour pop order for sure!!

But can we just talk about that eye shadow shade but I'm actually in love!! That note though, how cute is it?

So that game face shadow, is basically Autumn!! 1. it goes on the eye really nice and blends lovely with other shadow. 2. it stays on the eye and keeps it colour and I just want to wear it all of the time and I'm not going to deny myself it.

Swerve gel liner is one of the best gel liners I've tried. Liner overall always transfers on me so finding one that doesn't is a bonus. That is a bonus that this liner has, not only doesn't it transfer it glides onto the eye and makes a really sharp wing. Which is all I want in a gel liner, I think I may have found my favourite.

Frick n' frack ultra satin lip is such a beaut shade. Such a pigmented liquid lipstick, again it glides on to the lip, It doesn't feel at all drying on the lips which I can't complain about. 


On a first try basis I recommend all of these products, I can't wait to order more from Colour pop, which I am sure you will here about!!

Lauren xx

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