Favourite snapchatters

Snapchat is one of my favourite apps, so I thought I might as well share some of my favourite snaps to watch

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Grace from Faces by Grace. here is Grace's blog

I've been following Grace for well over a year now, she's fab. Seeing her go through her pregnancy and her day to day life. Baby Sienna is just so cute as well. Grace just stays true to herself, she's just a fab person!!

Gemma from that Belfast girl, Gemma's blog

I love seeing fellow Belfast bloggers, Gemma is doing so well for herself, I love seeing Belfast through other peoples eyes. 

Jemma is one of my favourite bloggers, she is the reason for my fab header. She just puts herself into her blog, she deserves all of the success that she has. I need to get myself to Liverpool and have a drink with her.

Joanne aka The makeup fairy

And last but not least Joanne, She puts so much effort into her snap, and shows so many different aspects of her life. From, beauty, gym life, events and personal stuff. I met her back in April through the let's talk beauty, blogging and business event that was held here in Belfast. That was held by Jutox. It was that event that made me want to start my blog again, so I am very thankful for that day!!

I hope you have found some new people to follow on Snapchat, so happy snapping!!



  1. I love a bit of snapchat too! I'm definitely gonna add you as a friend and the ones you've mentioned, thanks for sharing girl xo

    1. Hope you love them as much as I do!! xx