Glossy box: October 2016

Do you ever buy stuff just purely just to put on the blog, well this one of those things. A glossy box, now I've seen these for a few years on a few girls from America on their YouTube channel and all that there like. But here best about it, I didn't even know Glossy box was in the UK and it's been going for a while anyway. 

So here is the Glossy box, October 2016. Which was guest edited by my favourite Estée Lalonde, I love her blog and YouTube channel.

So here we have it, how cute is the packaging though. I love it. It comes with a few sheets welcoming you to the box and a bit about each product. So if you havent' recieved you box and don't want to know what's in it yet leave because I am going to show you what is in it.


Triffle cosmetics lip parfait buttery lip cream. 

This a cute little lip cream, the packaging is just adorable. I'm so putting this on my shelf because it is so pretty. 

The Body Shop drops of youth concentrate

I've never tried a serum before so I'm looking forward to give it a go.

Universal beauty cosmetics, secret flush, soothing cream blusher & lip stain duo

I do love a cream blush, I do like to try out new one. I've never tried a lip and blush duo before so this will be fun to try.

Bee good honey & camelina facial exfloliator

Now my face needs a good scrub, I do suffer from slight dry patches around my nose and forehead. I love trying out a new exfloliator

PS... PRO HD mascara in black

I've always been meaning to try out the PS range from Primark, so let's see how I get on with this mascara.

Also a little surprise too, a sample of shampoo

Nobody knows the actual brand, but from the smell of the shampoo I think I know what is. 

Let me know if you ever tried out the glossy box before.

So, you know what I'll do in a few weeks I'll do a little update on how I get along with everything. Want to here the best thing about it, I ordered the October birch box, let me know if you want to read about that?

Where else can you find me?

Lauren xx

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