That lame company: box of lame

That lame company are an awesome little business, as soon as I seen the box of lame I needed it in my life. Small, big and blogger #boxoflame. I got the small box, as soon as I got mine I couldn't believe what I got, so here are the links of all the shops that put there products together for this box.

Can we talk about the package that everything came in? It's beaut.

Instead of rambling on and on about everything, pictures speak louder than words so let's get going!!

Everything is just so personlised and the fact that there where sweeties in the box is a bonus. 10 points to that lame company!!

So here is an overview of all the shops that put their stuff in each of the boxes. I'll put the the links of everything that was put into the box that I got.

As you're reading I'll hopefully have these all on my wall with the rest of my print wall, you can see my print wall so far here.

That lame company

I hope you see something that you like and supports these Etsy shops, I am so glad I decided to buy the box of lame for myself. I'm not 100% when the next box is going to be on sale but I'll for sure be picking it up. Maybe even one of the bigger boxes!!

Lauren xx


  1. I love the look of Box of lame, so much intriguing pieces! Thank you for sharing x

    1. This was my first purchase from that lame company, I'll definitely be purchasing from them again x