What do you mean you're not doing blogtober?

Yes, you read the title right I am not doing blogtober, sad times I know. I'm not even going to make an excuse up for you. But I really wanted to do something, instead. I am ready for October and Halloween, just before writing this I painted my nails black and put on my cat ears. Which I don't even know why I bought, I mean it's not like I am dressing up as a cat for Halloween. But anyway.

I do upload a lot of pictures of my dogs!!

So I had a brain wave, Megan from Cardigan Jezebel always makes monthly Instagram photo challenges. Yes, you know where I am going with this!!

Instead of blogtober I am going to do Megan's photo challenge!! I'm no pro photographer, I just really like Instagram and October so I thought it would be a perfect month to do it!!

So, you can read all about the challenge over on Megan's blog here. If you want to join in to that would be fab. As always my my Instagram is always linked down below, but click here to see my Insta anyway and follow to see what I get up to in the month!!

I'll speak to you lot tomorrow anyway, this was just a 'hi what's up, this is what is going on' post. Any way, enjoy your Saturday!!

Lauren xx

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