You heard blogmas is commencing right here on Lauren Catherine, 25 post for the next 25 days. Scary biscuits alright there kid. 

This Christmas day it will mark the 2 year anniversay that we lost my Daddy, so I'm dedicating this whole blogmas to him. Not a day goes by I don't think about you Daddy.

So, don't worry it's not all going to be Christmas related, there's some of my usual stuff thrown into the mix. So check back tomorrow and the rest of the month for more from me!! 

Lauren xx

November 2016 beauty boxes: Glossy box & Birch box

Last month I posted about Octobers Glossy box, I then went on to Birch box. So since receiving both boxes within a few days of each other I thought I might as well share both boxes with you!!

Glossy box & Birch box is the only beauty boxes I've tried and had experience with. I've never had any problems with either company they've been fab these past 2 months boxes.

Beauty & the Beast trailer reaction.

I had to post about this trailer, Beauty and the Beast. I can't wait!! When I heard that Beauty and the Beast was getting made into a live film I was buzzing. I can't wait to see it, roll on next March!!

I hope you are just as excited as I am for Beauty and the Beast!!


So, as you read about Lady on Wednesday, so I thought I would continue on with the animal theme. I can't remember how long it was after Lady I think it around a week or so. Baby Belle came came into our lives.

Meet my other doggies!!

She's still a wee puppy, just over 6 months.


Months after I still don't know what to say, it still hurts. July 17th our little Lady was put to rest. It's a scary world when you hear of dogs getting lost or hurt. Our Lady had her own wee adventure the whole time we had her.

Why I started blogging?

Well why did I start blogging? This is my third blog I've tried to keep up with. This is the one. Every time I tried before I felt I was trying to be something I wasn't so I just left it. I actually deleted them both. 

So why try it for a third time, well why not do something that I've always wanted to do. Might as well have my own wee space on the Internet, where I can talk, write, create, share and meet new people!!

What do I want to make more time for?

What do I want to make more time for? So much time but so little time too. I that makes any sense? Well let's get going!!

Makeup Haul

Why can't I go into Boots or Superdrug and not buy anything? My bank account hurts. but my heart says for the blog, for the blog. So here we have a makeup haul, here's my last one I put up a few weeks back.

I did buy a lot of Soap and Glory but I do love Soap & Glory as a brand so!!

Current Listens #2

Back in August I put out my first current listens, I thought I might as well update you on what music I've been loving this past wee while.

Don't forget to check out my Spotify account for more.