Beauty & the Beast trailer reaction.

I had to post about this trailer, Beauty and the Beast. I can't wait!! When I heard that Beauty and the Beast was getting made into a live film I was buzzing. I can't wait to see it, roll on next March!!

I hope you are just as excited as I am for Beauty and the Beast!!

                                                                   Ohh I'm excited.

Pretty castle 

Beast calm down.

Awk Papa

But how amazing does Emma look as Belle 

'Come into the light' oh my God I can't cope

Omg, Lumiere & Cogsworth

Awk wee Chip

There she is Mrs Potts herself.

Go on the Beast

The Rose

Gaston, give over mate.

Omg the snow scene

Ohh God, damn that library. Goals

The dress, the dress, the dress

Don't be afraid, is right Papa

The rose, we're running out of time son. 

I'm buzzing, I can't wait for this film. What's been your favourite live action Disney film so far?

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