So, as you read about Lady on Wednesday, so I thought I would continue on with the animal theme. I can't remember how long it was after Lady I think it around a week or so. Baby Belle came came into our lives.

Meet my other doggies!!

She's still a wee puppy, just over 6 months.

I don't think it was soon after Lady, it really helped take our mind of Lady and give us something else to think about. So Belle has arrived and melted our hearts. She gets on well with my other doggies, so that's always good. Marley and Belle are two wee besties, there's just over a month between them so.

So yeah, 4 dogs welcome to the house of dogs!

I plan to do posts dedicated to my other doggies but I just wanted a little explatition out to let you lot know what the craic is

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Lauren xx

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