Current Listens #2

Back in August I put out my first current listens, I thought I might as well update you on what music I've been loving this past wee while.

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 Kings of Leon Walls, listening to there new album has rekindled my love for them again. I've been listening to their first album Youth and Young Manhood a lot latelty too. Their first album is my favourite by far!!

Lady GaGa made her come back with Joanne, girl can sing like did you see her carpool karaoke with James Corden. She's unreal and it's about time she got into music again.

If you seen my last post,  Spooky Halloween tag, you would have seen that I was watching The Rocky Horror Show for the first time, so the soundtrack had to get a mention.

Taking about comeback music Bruno Mars 24k magic, OMG I'm actually obsessed with this song can't seem to stop listening to it.

The Pretty Reckless, now I've loved them since I was like 15/16 I haven't stopped loving them since. So when their new album arrived Who You Selling For, I've loved seeing them grow as a band. I need to see them live.

So overall there has been a lot of comeback from artist and I'm loving it!1
Lauren xx

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