Months after I still don't know what to say, it still hurts. July 17th our little Lady was put to rest. It's a scary world when you hear of dogs getting lost or hurt. Our Lady had her own wee adventure the whole time we had her.

We got her, well my Mummy got my sister it for Christmas 2015, about last November. She was only 2 when we got her.

A weekend or 2 before last Christmas she got out of our house, and was lost for a few days. Luckily we got her back, I cried like a baby the day she came back. You should have seen my other 2 dogs at time Fizz and Missy. They where so happy.

Lady had a fab time the whole 7-8 months we had her, we loved her. Unfortunly she was attacked by another dog, she had no hope because she was so tiny. Lady had to be put to sleep. It was the worst thing to hear, she was a wee Lady!! Standing in the middle of Newcastle's airport was not the best place for me to find this news out. 

Right so, before I start crying, I just wanted to put this up so you know what happened. Love your pets, be the person they think you are!!

Lauren xx

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