November 2016 beauty boxes: Glossy box & Birch box

Last month I posted about Octobers Glossy box, I then went on to Birch box. So since receiving both boxes within a few days of each other I thought I might as well share both boxes with you!!

Glossy box & Birch box is the only beauty boxes I've tried and had experience with. I've never had any problems with either company they've been fab these past 2 months boxes.

Birch box November 2016


This month Birch box teamed up with Tatler magazine, to create this beaut of a box. Look at the design, how pretty?

Now this is meant to help keep your lippy on longer, which I'm all game for. Especially around this time of year, there's party's, there's Christmas markets to go to. There's a lot, anything that keeps your lip colour on is a winner for me!

The Wet Brush

 I've been wanting to try this for ages now, and I was buzzing when I seen this in my box. I've tried it as soon as I opened it, I fell in love. Well as much as you can love a brush like.

Nuxe is a brand I've heard of but never tried for myself & I'm always on the look out for a new moisteriser so a win win

Beauty Protector: protect & detangle

This really caught my eye, it does a lot. Detangles, heat protects, adds shine, locks in colour to name a few. Well looking forward to using this more, and to me it smells like coca butter, anyone else?

Right now I'm loving using a pomade for my brows, maybe this pencil will put me back into using a pencil for my brows who knows?

Glossy box November 2016

I'm obsessed with this months Glossy box!!

111skin bio cellulose facial treatment mask

Would I pay £20 for one face mask? Nope. At this price I'm expecting a lot from this mask, so I'm sure I'll write about my experience with it somewhere, whether here or on twitter.

Wilkinson Sword, quattro for women raspberry rain disposable razors

It's always this time of year that I get lazy with shaving, not even going to lie. So these will come in handy one way or another.

I've only ever worn lashes twice, once extentisons and the other just a strip. Lashes aren't something I have a need to use, but I do like the look of these, they are tapered as they go into the inner corner of the eye. But putting on lashes scare me, send help?

This shade though, know what it reminds of? Side car from the OG naked palette, only in creme shadow stick form. I can't get enough of it.

Ruby professional tapered blending brush

I'm no MUA,but can you ever go wrong with a blending brush? This is one looks great, it's exactly what the name suggest, a tapered blending brush. I'm sure I'll get my use out of this!!

Have you tried any beauty boxes before? Or any of these products let me know?


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