Why I started blogging?

Well why did I start blogging? This is my third blog I've tried to keep up with. This is the one. Every time I tried before I felt I was trying to be something I wasn't so I just left it. I actually deleted them both. 

So why try it for a third time, well why not do something that I've always wanted to do. Might as well have my own wee space on the Internet, where I can talk, write, create, share and meet new people!!

Back in April I went to the Let's talk beauty business and blogging event held by Jutox, I went because Joanne Larby aka The Makeup Fairy was one of the special guests. She's one of my favourite bloggers, so I had to go.

Here's a link to Ashlee from Oh So Femme all about the Jutox event

I had a brilliant day, if it wasn't all of the talk about blogging from this event, I don't think I would've wanted to start blogging again imagine that. I couldn't picture it myself right now.It's weird to think about of you don't do something or go somewhere on a certain day. Would your life be different. Weird to even think about.

So why have I continued on with blogging this time? This time feels different than the 2 times before, I feel more confident in myself in what I am creating. Like I'm not the best writer or photo taker, but I enjoy it. And if you enjoy it why stop?

I've had some some lovely conversations with fellow bloggers, that's one thing I want to do is meet new people and have my own wee corner of the Internet.

Tell me your blogging stories below, I'd love to hear them. 

Lauren xx

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