Blogmas day 10: Zoella

Yes I am writing a whole post on Zoella, she was one of the first Youtubers I watched. Back in 2012, I was only 17 at the time. I watched her messy bun tutorial, back then YouTube was only really starting to be a thing really. Even though there was loads of people making videos but comparing to now and then. Zoe hadn't even got her ombré hair at this point.

She is the definition of #GirlBoss

Can you believe how far she's came in 7 years, starting her blog in 2009 and her YouTube in 2009. Zoe has put her heart and soul into everything's she's created. Even though she's had some backlash over basically everything she does these days, but I'm so happy she didn't let it all stop her do her and stop her creating. There's a real dark side to the internet and it really does suck.

With 11+ million subscribers, her beauty range, her books and lifestyle. There's no stopping her and she still sticks to her YouTube and Blog!!

Zoe talks about mental health which is really important and has worked with mental health awareness companies, which I think is a brilliant way to use her voice and platform. To make others feel their not alone when it comes to mental illness because it is so scary to deal with especially if you don't open up about it.

Once I started to watch Zoe , I started to discover more & more YouTubers and Bloggers. Wonder when I would've discovered YouTube if I didn't search for a messy bun tutorial?

Who are some of your favourite YouTubers?

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