Blogmas day 15: Christmas films

There's nothing more than I love than just chilling and watching a Christmas films, here's some of my favourites.

Let me know some of your favourite Christmas films?

The Grinch
I love The Grinch, it'll never get old. Jim Carrey is hilarious, there could not have been a better Grinch. I reckon.

Another hilarious film, Will Ferrell is brilliant. Like The Grinch you could qoute Elf like no tomorrow. I'm in a right mood to watch Elf.

Matchmaker Santa 
Now this is a film that I never even heard of to until a few weeks ago. It's so cheesy I can't deal, you could tell where the story is going from the get go. If you want a good cheesy Christmas film this is the one.

Jack Frost 
This film makes me cry like a baby, last year would've been the first time I watched it from my Daddy's death which made me cry even more. But trust me if it makes me cry and I don't cry that often it's a brilliant film.

The Polar Express
One of my favourites from when I was wee, it's so good. Especailly watching it as a kid, really creates the Christmas spirit.

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Is this a Halloween film or a Christmas film? I just watch it from October onwards, let's be honest. 

Love Actually 
One there's so many good actors in Love Actually. 2 it's cheesy, but good cheese. 3. If you haven't watched Love Actually what are you doing?


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