Blogmas day 20: 15 of my favourite feelings.

I remember seeing Hank Green doing this over on the vlog brothers channel, well over a year now and since seen a few of my favourite YouTubers do it. Like Claire Marshell and Estee Lalonde.

So I thought I'd take my own take on it!! Hope you enjoy.

1. Coming home from work and knowing that you are off the next day.

2. Taking your make up off.

3. Taking your bra off, best relief ever.

4. Spending time with my dogs.

6. Finishing a good book.

7. Alone time, just doing whatever you want. Good for the soul.

8. Finding good friends who are like family, you can be 100% yourself with.

9. Buying that make up that I've been eying up.

10. Making someone else laugh.

11.  Laying in bed, just scrolling through social media.

12. Sleeping.

13. The first coffee of the day.

14. Feeling content with life.

15. Venting everything that's all on your head to someone. Even the stupid thoughts, really clears the head

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Lauren xx

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