Blogmas day 21: 2016 reflection

2016 really needs a do over like doesn't it, Trump became president, Bowie sadly passed away. It's been shit. So I thought let's not be a downer about everything that.

It hasn't been the best year, but I thought I'd talk about some of my favourite things that has happened this year.

Turned 21.
Just over 6 months ago I still don't know how I feel about being 21 not going to lie. I'm a considered an adult, but I don't feel like an adult.

Started my blog
One of my absolute favourites things about this year, I can't believe I stuck it out this length of time. Here's why I started blogging, if you want a read.

That thing that happened in Game of Thrones in season 6 episode 2. Saying nothing. But it was the best!!
I'm saying nothing, no spoilers here. But oh my God!!!

Got Marley and Belle
If there's one thing you should know about me I love dogs, like come on I do have 4 in my house. Here's my post all about my petswhat happened to Lady and how we lead to getting Belle.

Went  on a airplane for the first time.
Who goes on an airplane for the first time on their own. Like who does that? I do. Not the best decision I could've made for someone who can't trust her self on beauty bay.

Got a book shelf.
I got my book shelf from Ikea it's the Gersby bookcase, for £21 it's really good. It fits all of my books and what more can I want really in a bookshelf.

Lauren xx

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