Blogmas day 23: Fav vlogmas 2016

One of my favourite things about Christmas, it's vlogmas time!! I wanted to share some of my favourites that I've enjoyed watching this year.

I love Melanie, she was one of the first Irish YouTubers I think I discovered. Her December Diary has been a bit different than your typical vlogmas. Melanie talks about a bit of everything on her December diaries, not only is there vlogs from her day to day life. She is talking about her life in general. Melanie's great.

I think we all know how much I love Zoe here's my blog post that I dedicated her to.  There's just so much effort put into her videos at Christmas, with both 24 days of Zoella and vlogmas this year. Every day there's two new Zoella videos, I really look forward to watching them every day.

Rosianna talks about a range of different things on her channel from mental health to film. If you haven't checked out her channel, seriously subscribe she's fab. I love watching her videos, go give her a watch.

Claire is just one of my favourite people and this year I've been really enjoying her vlogmas this year. Claire puts so much effort into her videos overall, I'll watch whatever she uploads.

Anna puts out weekly vlogs, they've always been my favourite videos from her. I just love seeing what she gets up to from week to week. Anna is another of my favourite YouTubers and bloggers, I'm looking forward to sit down after writing this post and catch up on her weekly vlog.

This year Lily is vlogging ever other day in December, again with Anna I love seeing what she gets up to and I've really loved the videos she's been uploading lately. There's always something fresh from her channel it's great.

Leanne Lim - Walker
I've been really enjoying Leanne's vlogmas this year, not only does she vlog her day to day life she includes things how she does her make up, her skincare routine and hauls. I love her style, Leanne does puts a lot of effort into what she does also here is her main channel check her out!!

Whose videos have you been watching this year? 

Lauren xx
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