Blogmas day 24: Cosey night in

I love a good cosey night in, especially on Christmas eve, it's one of  my favourite ways to spend it.

Here's some of my favourite things to do to enjoy a night in!!

Get yourself a bath and  a bath bomb. I love a good bath bomb and a few candles we're flying.

Having a night in means sticking on some comfy pj's for sure, I've been loving wearing my oneise, it's the best thing I own.

Christmas Eve have to stick on a few Christmas film, again light a few candles.

When my Mummy starts to make turkey for Christmas dinner it's the best scent. It just smells like Christmas then.

I love Christmas eve, I actually prefer it to Christmas day to be honest. I always bring down my presents down to my Granny's. just getting into the Christmas feel.

Merry Christmas guys. Have an amazing day and enjoy yourself.

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