blogmas day 9: Favourite Christmas songs

I love Christmas music, that's all I listen in December!! Here's my playlist on Spotify if you fancy a listen.

So I thought I'd hit you up with some of my favourites to add to your own playlist!! Here's my YouTube playlist too, if you fancy some more!!

I think I'll forever be obsessed with the girls cover. Little Mix are my favourites, I've been loving this cover since the uploaded it to YouTube.

Is it Christmas without hearing this song about 50 times?

My Daddy's favourite Christmas song.

I love this song, my ultimate Christmas song.

Can you go wrong with an Elvis song,?

Christmas time, means Michael Bublé time.  

One of my favourite up to date Christmas songs.

Destiny's Child and Christmas is all I really need.

I only first heard this, this year and I'm loving it.

I don't think this will ever get old will it?

What's your favourite Christmas song? 


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