15 facts about me

I wanted to share a bit about myself so instead of doing a tag with predetermined questions I'm going to share some facts about me.

So let's get going because I am a bit of a rambler when I get started. 

1. I'm definitely more of an introvert person.

2. I don't consider myself to be a good writer but I do love writing my blog. It's a place where I can just write my way. Makes sense?

3. Dogs are the best thing to exist, I'm not even going to get started because I'll go into one. But they are class, but please tweet me pictures of your dog please? I'm over @lauren_prenter

4. I am the youngest of 6 kids, I've 3 brothers and 2 sisters.

5. Come March I'll be an Auntie for the EIGHTH time. That's scary. None for me please, just grandogs from me Mummy soz.

6. I love organising stuff.

7. I never did go to Uni.

8. I'm not very good with make up but I do love it, especially highlight.

9. If we watch the same TV shows, trust me I'll ask you all of the questions about it. Even worse when I've a drink in me. One night when I was out, went to McDonald's obviously sitting with a 20 nugget meal talking to some fellas about GOT.

10. I could watch Dirty Dancing over and over again. It's my favourite.

11. Coffee and tea are the best things to exist.

12.I l love discovering new music.

13. Over this past year or so I've been really into watching documentaries.

14. I can't get enough of the Snapchat filters.

15. I want to talk about more topics on here, I've a ideas but any suggestions would be great.

Tell me something about yourself in the comments

Lauren xx

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