Dear future Lauren, 10 years time.

Dear 31 year old me, how's life? Are you happy? Are you alive even? Here, who know's what's round the corner these days let's be honest.

Please tell me you still have a dog in your life, if not get that sorted stat.

How's your 30's treating you? I hope you are doing something you love with your life. I don't know what that is right now but my fingers are crossed for you. If you're still in the same job you are in now get out of it. Not another word said just leave.

How far can the Internet go in 10 years, the internet changes everyday as it is. Who knows what has happened by the time you are reading this. Hopefully you still have some sort of space online to call your own. 

How's life? Have you moved out yet? Have you any kids? Kids, what am I even talking about. Dogs is where your heart is truly.

I have one wish and one wish only for you and that is to be happy!! I hope you're happy with everything, obviously you'll have your ups and downs. But for the most part I hope you are happy with where you are at in life.

Lauren xx

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