Laur chats - being single

Yes I am single and I don't really care to be honest. So I wanted a chat to you about being single whether you've just came out of a relationship or you're like me you've been single for a while.

Let's put this out there, I've never really had a long term boyfriend. Now that fact doesn't phase me at all anymore. Yeah it's nice to have someone to share your life with but let's be honest you don't need to be in relationship to be happy.

So here's what I enjoy about being single or what I've learnt.
I love my bed, I love my sleep so not having to share a bed ticks all of the right boxes.

You can do anything you want, when you want. If you want to travelling go travelling. If you want to go for a nap instead of doing something with bae, then go for a nap.

Get to know yourself. 

It's ok if you haven't had a proper relationship yet. 

Don't let yourself feel pressured to get into a relationship, especially if your friends are in relationship.

Be happy and confident and yourself.

Do you have any advice on being single?


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