Shadow Switch by Beauty Essentials *

I've never tried a dry brush cleaner before until now, I've always seen them online but never really gave it a second thought. Reasonable price, brilliant product which you can purchase from amazon at £5.99.  

How pretty are these brushes from Spectrum, but watch out for that haul coming up in a few weeks.

A handy little product for any make up lover out there. 
Do you love wearing eye shadow, but love working with different colours. I do. So Shadow Switch* is a dream come true, let's be honest.

Use your brush, blend that colour, swirl your brush around the sponge, use another colour. Sorted. It actually works brilliantly. If your like me you have your favourite brushes to use and I do have far too much brushes. It's not even normal.

Being able to use my brushes and colour to my heart's content is the best thing ever. But DON'T forget to actually clean your brushes because germs. You don't want all nasties over your face, especially your eyes. Who has time for that. 
10/10 from me, totally recommend the Shadow Switch* every make up lover needs it in their life. 

Have you ever tried Shadow Switch* before? Let me know.


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