Welcome to another post about my dogs! Here's all about my other doggies, I thought I would dedicate a post to each of my dogs. So far here's all about Lady and Belle, today I am talking to you about Snoop. Yes a female dog called Snoop!!

We got her when I was 6 Summer 2001, she was only a wee puppy. We never had a dog till we got our Snoop so we where learning as we went along. I was never really a dog person growing up but when Snoop came along she changed everything. She was part of the family.

In the picture she's actually standing on her kennel looking down the street, no word of a lie. She was Queen of everything. About 11 or 12 years ago Snoop had wee puppies herself, we kept the only girl Fizz. We still have her to this day. She got to grow up with her Mummy which I love, since not many dogs get to experience that.

Augest 2014, was her time to go to doggie heaven, she was 100% but one night she started taking fits. It effected her brain and her sight, it wasn't fair on her. So my Mummy brought her to the vet. It was awful but she had a brilliant 13 years when she was here. Snoop was the most well mannered, friendly and lovable dog. She'll always be in my heart, my Queen.

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Lauren xx

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