Birch box: Feb 2017

Birch box is my favourite time of the month for sure, February's month is in collobration with the stationery brand Papier. There is a choice of two boxes a more dark purple box. I got the white and green leaved box.

Print is from thatlamecompany, so let's get stuck into the box shall we?

I'm really impressed with this month's box and I can't wait to get use out of everything. 

I actually never heard of POP beauty before, these shadows feel really nice. I'll be sure to let you know how I get on with these shadows and report back.

Is there anything worse than shaving your legs and you end up with a few cuts? I hate it. So shaving creams always come in handy as I always just use shower gel.

A moisture conditioning spray my hair defiantly likes the sound of this. Let's see how we get on with this.

Now I usually don't spend very much on face masks especially not on a face mask But £29 for 6 mask I actually think is a good bargain. And this is a korean beauty brand which I'm so glad to be able to try out.

marbleous c06 tulip eye contour brush 
If you remember in my feeling spendy haul, which you can see here. You will remember I picked up a few Spectrum brushes. I was so excited to see another one to my collection. It's actually a really nice brush, if you're looking new brushes pick up some from Spectrum for sure. Brilliant quality at such a good price.

What beauty boxes do you subscribe to?


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