How are you guys doing? Another day, another dog post! What do you expect from me? Really. Well let's get going? Read my other posts below!

Today we are talking about Fizz or who I like to refer to as Queen Fizz.
Snoop had pups, Fizz was one of her pups. We kept her. Simple as that. So Fizz got to grow up with her Mummy. Which I think is really nice!

She's around 13 now and yes she is holding her own lolly. Probably should't be eating it. But Fizz wasn't always the chill gal she is today. When she was a puppy she was so hyper, which is so weird to think about now.

Fizz actually had puppy's of her own a few years back, we gave them all away all 7 of them. I sometimes see one of her pups, as it lives in my area. He looks just like her only different markings, little cutie.

Now, she's old! I don't even want to think about it as she's not 100% but she's a strong soul. Our Fizz!!

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