Makeup Obsession palette: review and swatches

Makeup Obesssion is a brand I've seen in boots for a few months now, you can check it them out online here. 

Let's get stuck into my palette that I created shall we?

Print is from Jemma aka Dorkface Etsy shop, support her shop here.

Makeup Obsession is actually well priced, the  6 pan palette that I picked up was at £4. How good is that? The eyeshadows is at £2, contour £3, strobe £3, highlight £3 & blush £3

Now each pan starts with a letter, S for strobe, H for highlight, E for eyeshadow, C for contour & B for blush. Which I think is dead handy because I use say contour for eyeshadow & highlight to shadow as well.

I'm going to talk you through left to write of the palette which is the way I swatched them too.

Cream highlight is something I haven't had much experience with, so I'm excited to get more use of this. It blends really well into the skin and is such a pretty highlight, highlight is one of my favourite makeup products so obviously I had to pick up few.

I don't really tend to use gold highlighters, personally I don't think they suit me at all. But this is such a pretty gold which I use on the eyes, even though it is a highlight it still blends really well into the other shadows.

Can we just talk about how pretty this orange shade is? I never really use orange shades, but I seen this and needed it in my life. It's so pretty, I use this with a neutral shade on the lid and a few different shades of brown in the crease. And then blend the orange into the crease, it creates such gorgeous look.

Even though this is a eyeshadow I would use this as a highlight. It's such a gorgeous champagne shade for all over the lid and just leave it at that, for an everyday look. I'd defiantly pick this up if you're looking for the perfect champagne colour.

Contour scares me not going to lie, but this is the perfect contour shade for pale girls like myself. I also use this in the crease, as it's not a harsh brown it's perfect. It's not at all hard to go to harsh on too, which is great. I love the formula of all of these pans.

The perfect purple, in the pan it looks really purple. But when swatched it looks more of a cranberry purpley shade. It's such a nice colour, I just want to wear it all of the time. I uses this in the outer v of my eyes just to add a bit of colour. 

I'd defiantly recommend that you pick these up and create your own palette. For the quality and the price you really can't go wrong!

Let me know if you have tried anything from Makeup Obsession 

Love Lauren xoxo

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