Reading challenge 2017

So last year I wanted to compelte my goodreads chanellenge. I can't even remember how many I wanted to complete by the end of last year. But anyway that's not the point, this year I am challenging myself to read 20 books. That might not seem a lot to some people, but to me it's a lot!

I've been in a really reading funk this past wee while. So hopefully this post will help me get out of it and get out into the reading post again!
So 20 books? I'm really looking forward to reading a bit more this year. This past few months I've been reading books on my phone, which is something that I never thought I'd enjoy. I love the feel of turning the page or just spending ages in a book shop and finding a gem of a book.

Why have I been in a funk? I think it's because I used to always tend to read YA series books and I really just outgrew them. I'm not saying that they are bad books and that's not to say I'll not ever read a YA book again.  

Have you set yourself any reading goals this year let me know? Also have you any recommendations for me to read this year, I'd love to hear them 

Lauren xx

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