Book buzzwords

I originally saw this Little Book Owl book tube, all about her book buzzwords. What makes you pick a book?  I found this harder than I originally thought.

Gone Girl made me fell in love with Thriller books, I love not knowing what comes next and not actually guessing what happens

If you remember my post all about getting out of a funk, reading inspirational books really helped me too. I read Khloe Kardashian's book recently and I felt really motivated after reading.

I will forever love a bit of romantic read, especially during the summer. A bit of cheesiness never hurt anyone

Unexpected twists and turns
I love when you don't guess the ending of a story and the twist is amazing. Unexpected turn of events is my favourite.

Short and sweet
Short books is the best kind, as much as I love a long story. Finishing a short stand alone book, there is something so satisfying and perfect about it.

Have you any book buzzwords? Tell me in the comments
Love Lauren xx

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