Getting out of a funk

Do ever just feel as if you don't enjoy the things you used to? Or feel yourself? This is how I felt these past few weeks, I couldn't have been annoyed to do anything. Blog, watch YouTube, write in my bullet journal, nothing.

I wanted to let you guys know, how I got out of feeling this way. I'm still getting myself out this funk. But I'm definitely on my way to feeling myself again.
Do what feel, ride with it. If you want to sleep if you don't feel like writing a blog post don't. Taking time for yourself and get yourself back into things that you love and enjoy, does all the world of good.

Even though spending time alone helped me, spend time with family. My family really lifted my spirits when I've been in some of my darkest times. Spend as much time with them as you can, they'll not be around forever.

Push yourself to do the things you enjoy. Read a bit of book, write all of your feelings. Writing them all down on paper definitely, clears your head and everything makes a bit more sense.

Call around to your friends, catch up have a girly night. Talk about how you've been feeling, they'll understand why you haven't been yourself. They will make you feel better and help you out.

Go for a walk,  I've always said this. Getting out for a bit of air, no phone just you and your thoughts defiantly can help you get you thinking on the right path again.

Hope some of these tips help even one of you out and that you've took something from this post.

Love Lauren xx

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