Laur recommends: blogs #1

I promised this post ages ago and it's about time I actually published it. Here are some of my current favourite blogs, I couldn't fit all of my favourites into one post. Otherwise, we'd be here all day so I thought I'd just post about my favourite blogs from time to time.

So here's my 5 current favourite blogs for you to check out.
Lizzie Arkell

I've been following Lizzie on twitter for a while now and as well as her blog. She's such a lovely girl, you know what I really like about Lizzie she's just says how she feels. And that's the way it should be and on the plus, the girl can sing. She'll go far, for sure.

I'm 100% confident that I mentioned Rhianna on my blog before. She has an awesome style of writing and her photography is always on point. Rhianna was the one who introduced me to Bob Ross which is so relaxing to watch before bed. And she is Queen of Stila liquid lipstick in fiery,

I love scrolling through Adrienne's Instagram, her flat lays are absolutely amazing. I'm always in awe of her insta. Her blog is very unique, she writes about beauty but not in a way I've seen before. She's just fab.

Leta is one blogger I'll go to for inspiration for sure, there's just something about her blog that makes me always go back to. And she watches PLL, I'd love to talk about theories with her.

I'm obsessed with Georgie's hair, pretty in pink. Georgie's blog is a recent discovery for me and binge reading a new blog is one of my favourite things to do. Her style in unbelievable and I want her just to style my wardrobe.

I hope you enjoyed this post, who are some of your favourite bloggers?

Love Lauren xx

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